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Starting from the ministry of servants of God and members of the Pentecostal Church in Indonesia (GPdI) Grace of Tanjung Priok, in several Detention Houses (Rutan) and Correctional Institutions (Lapas) in the Greater Jakarta area, Semarang, Cilacap, Sukabumi, Pelabuhan Ratu and other areas which are the routine program of the GPdI Kasih Karunia Tanjung Priok includes routine services at the Salemba Detention Center, Jakarta.
The team from GPdI Kasih Karunia always invites brothers and sisters to join in the ministry and not only from the congregation but also from other circles to serve together as Servant of the Word, Worship Leader, Singers and Music Team.
It is our commitment that we must be a blessing and every worship we share love with the inmates by providing food (biscuits, instant noodles) drinks (health drinks: bejo/energen, STMJ, coffee) and toiletries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo).
As time went on, on January 1, 2023, after the New Year's service at the Salemba Prison, we all returned home. One of the serving team, Ms. Popi met a young man who turned out to be a former resident and this young man told Mrs. Popi about his living conditions in the community and church environment. The reality of life had to be faced by this young man as an ex-convict because he felt that there was no place for him, no open arms to accept him.

What's even sadder, according to this young man, is that the church environment is not much different from the community environment. The story of this young man really touched Ms. Popie, because for Ms. Popi, this is a soul that must be nurtured so that her life's journey is always in line with the truth of God's word. . Through this moment, Mrs. Popie conveyed a longing to take some real action as a response to the young people's stories.
On Sunday Service, 15 January 2023 with Mercy International Indonesia Church (MIIC) pastored by Ps. Jopie Surmadi, after the service, Ms. Popie conveyed her heart's longing and was welcomed by all MIIC service participants because MIIC is a church without walls and the congregation members come from various church denominations.
Week after week it was discussed intensely about the services to be carried out and God put HIS heart for us to be able to serve together in the fields of: humanity, social, religion, education and health. Therefore it is necessary to establish a foundation that operates in these fields.
On Wednesday, according to the agreement formed on April 5, 2023, he signed before a Notary, the Deed of Establishment of the Foundation with the name Rajawali Karunia Nusantara, abbreviated as RKN. The foundation has its position legally confirmed by Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, No.AHU-0005880.AH.01.04.year 2023. List of Foundations Number AHU -0008340.AH.01.12 Year 2023 April 6, 2023

The Foundation's vision is to educate the nation's children spiritually, mentally and physically by adhering to religious values, through social, humanitarian and religious activities.


1. Playing an active role in social, humanitarian and religious activities in order to realize each person as a complete human being who loves God through others.
2. Realizing mental, spiritual and physical well-being for the inmates so that their lives become a blessing for the homeland and the nation.
3. Realizing community empowerment programs by maximizing the potential of the community.
4. Forming a society that has good spiritual intelligence, is fast and responsive, has concern for others and the surrounding environment.

a. Integrity
b. Professional
c. Accountability
d. Brotherhood
e. devotion
f. exemplary
g. Independent
h. Dynamic

  • 5/April/2023